Farmers Hold & Deadlift Competition

Farmers Hold & Deadlift Competition will run the month of December by appointment.

This is a test of both mental and physical strength (male and female categories). The deadlit and farmer carries are independently two of the best exercises for getting stronger and more fit. Deadlifts improve your ability to produce force and power safely. Farmer carries improve shoulder stability, core strength, grip strength, and overall work capacity. 

Here is the challenge:

Load the trap-bar with your bodyweight, do 3 reps of deadlifts, then hold the weight in the standing position (farmers hold). If you drop the bar, you have to do 3 deadlifts before you continue the farmers hold. If there is a second drop it will end your test. 

See how long you can hold it up. Winner gets a tshirt and bragging rights on the Fitness Center leaderboard.