PNSY - Fletcher Fitness Center

Due to COVID-19 Fletcher Fitness Center is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. till 6 p.m.

-Active Duty, Active Duty Dependents and Retirees are allowed to use the facility. Only 40 people at a time.
-Outdoor Fitness Classes are now being offered. Check out the new Fitness Calendar for times. Limit 25 people per class.
-No signing in required, 
-Face masks required to be worn by staff.
-Work space will be sanitized at the beginning/end of the day and as needed.
-Every other cardio machine will be available.
-Every machine and piece of equipment will be cleaned after use.
-Cannot use lockers; Recommended that customers be in fitness clothes when they arrive.
-No MWR towels will be issued out.
-Group exercise classes of 10 or less only. Outdoors when weather permits.
-Racquetball and Basketball court will remain closed.
-Plexiglass window at the control counter
-There will be a 6 foot line on floor from employee desk.
-No Intramural Sports at this time.




As a part of “Mission Essential”, the Fletcher Fitness Center staff is dedicated to help the men and women of our armed forces stay healthy and fit for the future of our nation. The center’s well-equipped facility and professional staff can provide assistance, support, education and training to accomplish this goal. As an additional outreach of mission essential, the DoD employees that work to keep the Military force strong are also welcome to participate in the Fletcher Fitness Center programs.

  • Free Weights
  • Weight Machines
  • Cardiovascular Equipment
  • Aerobic Classes
  • Racquetball Court
  • Seasonal TRX Conex Box for Command PT
  • Parent / Tot room


PNSY MWR Fletcher Fitness Center Services:


Personal Training

Appointments are with one of our professional trainers. Each session is up to two hours in length with the intent to personalize a program to reach individual fitness goals. Call the front desk at 207-438-4261 to set up your appointment.  The Personal Training appointment is FREE!



A wide variety of aerobic and fitness classes are available at various times throughout the day. Check out our Class Calendar for more details



You must make a reservation to use the courts. Call 207-438-4261. Reservations can be made on the day on which you play only. There is an hour time limit per reservation.  Racquetball equipment is available for use.


Incentive Programs & Contests

Throughout the year MWR offers various incentive programs and contests to help keep your interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Information is posted on the bulletin boards or you may inquire at our front desk about our programs and prizes.  You can even win a prize just for coming to the Fitness Center to exercise!  Ongoing fitness contests and a monthly calendar of events will keep you motivated and challenged from the novice to the advanced competitor.


Weight Loss Programs

Need encouragement to lose weight? Join our 8-week Weight Loss Challenge contests that are ongoing throughout the year.  Agree to eat healthy, exercise and the staff will track your progress. Ask for more details about this exciting exercise program, or set up a FREE personal training appointment.  You can lose weight and you might even win a prize!


Exercise Equipment

We have a complete array of selectorized machines, dumbbells up to 150 lbs., free weight and power lifting equipment. Forty-five pieces of cardiovascular equipment will challenge anyone’s cardio respiratory fitness with treadmills, bikes, steppers, rowers and elliptical cross trainers.

When using free-weight bars please put safety collars on to avoid accidents. Please return all dumbbells and plates back to their racks when you are finished. For the comfort of all patrons please refrain from using foul language or making “loud grunting sounds” while exercising.  Dropping weights or slamming weight stacks are not allowed.

When you are finished using the exercise equipment please clean it. Pick up a small towel at our front desk for cleaning.  Disinfectant wipes are located throughout the facility for proper hygiene. Please refrain from bringing food or drinks in to the fitness facility. Water and sports beverages in appropriate bottles with lids are acceptable.


Audio / Visual Equipment

The televisions are preset to certain general channels, i.e. local and national news, weather, stock markets, sports and general viewing. Music video stations have been eliminated due to their risqué nature. Similarly, the radio station is a neutral, non-offensive local station providing a variety of music. Bring your own headset to plug in to the video receptors to listen to the TV’s. Please refrain from trying to adjust the channels or volume on our audio/visual equipment. We suggest bringing a personal listening device if you prefer something better suited to your own personal tastes.



Children between the ages of 10 to 14 are allowed in the Fitness Center when accompanied by a Parent and escorted in all areas, at all times.  Military children are free.  DoD children pay a membership or guest fee.  All children must go through one Personal Training Appointment with their Parent so they have an exercise program to do while in the facility.  Children over the age of 15 can use the facility unescorted.


Parent / Tot Room 

Children under the age of 10 are only allowed in the Parent / Tot room and must remain with their Parent at all times.  Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to use the exercise equipment.


Guests / Contractors / DoD Dependents 

The Fitness Center is not open to the general public for memberships. All military, military retirees, reservists and their family members are welcome to use the facility free of charge. DoD employees are also free. Dependents of DoD employees, shipyard contractor employees and their direct dependents may join for $80 for six months. Guests of members are also $2 per visit and must be escorted in all areas at all times. A member must be 18 years of age or older to bring a guest. There is a limit of two guests per member.