PNSY - Tour Program

The MWR Community Recreation Program organizes trips for all PNSY families, and all active duty armed forces and Coast Guard families.

We have trips that provide transportation to a specified destination that may be to a specific event or it may be a place where participants have the option to explore the destination on their own.

We also provide trips that are 'Drive on you own". These outings have a specific destination where MWR has planned a program for you to enjoy on your own. These outings have reservations for the event and/or reservations for a place for you to stayif an overnight trip.

MWR plans a variety of trips:

  • Cultural excursions are trips that involve the arts, intellectual pursuits and/or societal customs.
  • Spectator excursions are trips that involve watching shows, games or other events.
  • Tourism excursions are trips that involve traveling to places outside the usual environment.
  • Experiential excursions are trips or outings that involve participation in an activity (rock climbing, tubing, outdoor recreation adventure, and fishing).

*Some trips/tours/outings may provide transportation and others may require your own transportation.

Be sure to check out our web site and facebook page to find out more about upcoming trips.

Some of our trips planned for 2018:

    Vermont Trip, June 23 & 24
    Kennebeck Whitewater Rafting, July 8-10
    Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, August 4
    Schooner Eleanor Sail, August 19
    USS Constitution and Boston, September 9
    Fryeburg Fair, October 1
    Autumn Weekend at Great Pond, October 12-14  
    Haunted Happenings in Salem, MA, October, TBA
    Haunted Overload, Lee, NH, October, TBA
    Christmas Festival Craft Show, November 3
    New York City Holiday Trip, December 1 & 2


Sunday, September 2, 2018


Deep Sea Fishing Trip

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