Child & Youth

Navy Child and Youth Programs support operational readiness, mission accomplishment and retention while assisting military personnel in balancing the competing demands of family life and improving the economic viability of the family. The Resource and Referral Office is your one-stop source for locating high quality, developmentally appropriate programs in child development centers, child development homes, school-age care and teen programs for children from the ages of six weeks to 18 years of age.

PNSY - Child Development Center

PNSY • Meade Ave • Ph: 207-438-2083

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PNSY - Child Development Home

PNSY • Meade Ave. • Ph: 207-438-2083

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PNSY - School Liaison

Phone: 207-318-1730

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PNSY - Youth Center

PNSY • Bldg. H-10 • Ph: 207-438-2114

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